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PHP: split - Manual

split (PHP 4, PHP 5) split — Split string into array by regular expression. ... I found this problem in one of my codes when trying to split a string using ";\n" as ...


PHP explode() Function - W3Schools

PHP explode() Function PHP String Reference. ... Specifies where to break the string: string: Required. The string to split: ... Returns an array of strings: PHP ...


PHP: explode - Manual

(PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7) explode — Split a string by a string. Description. array explode ( string $delimiter, string $string [, int $limit = PHP_INT_MAX] )


2 examples of PHP split string by explode function ...

PHP explode syntax The complete syntax of the explode PHP function is: explode ( string $delimiter , string $string [, int $limit ] ). Where. The delimiter is the character to be used to find in a given string and split it.


Splitting Strings with MySQL (Example) - Coderwall

Splitting Strings with MySQL. ... Sometimes when you're writing SQL queries you may need to split a string on a certain ... If you were doing this in PHP it would be ...


PHP: str_split - Manual

Here is a better version of [email protected]'s solution. It has the exact same interface as str_split, but works with any UTF-8 string. <?php


PHP str_split() Function - W3Schools Online Web Tutorials

Return Value: If length is less than 1, the str_split() function will return FALSE. If length is larger than the length of string, the entire string will be returned as the only element of the array ...


Tryit Editor v3.5 - Show PHP - W3Schools

<?php $str = "Hello world. It's a beautiful day."; print_r (explode(" ",$str));?> < /body > < /html > ...


PHP - Function split() - tutorialspoint.com

PHP Function split() - A simple and short PHP tutorial and complete reference manual for all built-in PHP functions. This tutorial is designed for beginners to advanced developers.


PHP explode method to split a string with 3 examples

Purpose of explode method. The explode method, as the function name suggests, is used to split a string to the given number of substrings in PHP.