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PHP: str_split - Manual

I was looking for a function that would split a string into an array like str_split() and found Razor's function above. ... <?php print_r (str_split (0080450)); ...

PHP explode() Function - W3Schools

PHP explode() Function PHP String Reference. ... function breaks a string into an array. ... Specifies where to break the string: string: Required. The string to split:

PHP: split - Manual

(PHP 4, PHP 5) split — Split string into array by regular expression. Warning. This function was DEPRECATED in PHP 5.3.0, and REMOVED in PHP 7.0.0.

PHP str_split() Function - W3Schools

Return Value: If length is less than 1, the str_split() function will return FALSE. If length is larger than the length of string, the entire string will be returned as the only element of the array ...

PHP: implode - Manual

preg_split() - Split string by ... <?php var_dump (implode ('',array ... It may be worth noting that if you accidentally call implode on a string rather than an array

php - Convert a String into an Array of Characters - Stack ...

Convert a String into an Array of ... The above will split your string into an array in chunks ... Browse other questions tagged php arrays string or ask your own ...

Convert String to Array with JavaScript's split Method

PHP; Site Map; Convert ... Convert String to Array with JavaScript's split Method. JavaScript's string split method returns an array of substrings obtained by ...

PHP split string into two arrays - values split and delimiters

I want to split a string, using either explode or preg_split most likely, to create two arrays. The first is what was split up. The seconds is the delimiters. The only two delimiters would be eithe...

How to Convert Strings to Arrays in PHP -

PHP functions that convert strings to arrays: explode splits a string on a delimiter; str_split results in array elements of equal length.

PHP: preg_split - Manual

This regular expression will split a long string of words into an array of sub-strings, of some maximum length, but only on word-boundries. I use the reg-ex with preg_match_all(); but, I'm posting this example here (on the page for preg_split()) because that's where I looked when I wanted to find a way to do this.

PHP Explode Function to Split String Into Array - TechFlirt

PHP explode function split string into array on the basis of any delimiter. In this tutorial, we will learn different way to explode string

JavaScript String split() Method - W3Schools

Definition and Usage. The split() method is used to split a string into an array of substrings, and returns the new array. Tip: If an empty string ("") is used as the separator, the string is split between each character.

PHP: explode - Manual

<?php explode ($string, $delimiter, null); explode ... * Split a string by an array of string and limitable * * @access public * @param array $delimiters

PHP Function split() -

PHP Function split() - A simple and short PHP tutorial and complete reference manual for all built-in PHP functions. ... array split (string pattern, ...

Convert PHP Strings to Arrays using preg_split -

Using PHP preg_split function to convert strings to arrays. Uses regular expressions and includes options not present in PHP explode function.

PHP: array_slice - Manual

* Remove a value from a array * @param string $val ... $b = array_split (array_slice ($array, ... without modifying the original array, you can use array_slice(). <?php

PHP: mb_split - Manual

(PHP 4 >= 4.2.0, PHP 5, PHP 7) mb_split — Split multibyte string using regular expression. ... This function splits a multibyte string into an array of characters.

Convert String To Array And Array To String PHP - The Cave

Convert String To Array And Array To String PHP. See how to convert a string into an array and how to convert an array back into a string in php.

PHP explode() – split a string by string into array ...

PHP explode() function is used for split a string by another string into an array.This function is used when we need to split a string using a specific